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Cliff Channell has been in the Real Estate business for 50 years. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia with a degree in B.B.A (Finance), and a native Augustan, where he currently resides with his wife Rita, who is a Real Estate Broker.

“Common sense” is the philosophy Channell Realty, Inc. has relied on since 1967. We buy and sell income producing property.

Channell Realty has never understood why investors don’t buy rental property. It almost seems illegal to buy a rental unit, while having someone else (a tenant) paying for it through rent. The investor must make sure their property is maintained and rented.

The investor can do this on their own or they can own Channell Realty’s management, maintenance, and leasing team to do all of the property management for ten percent of rent collected. You only pay 10 percent if the property is leased.

Rental income can supplement your income, plus add to retirement income. Letting someone else pay off a mortgage for you is just plain common sense.

“Pulling the trigger” regarding taking a risk is what stops most investors. “The turtle who never sticks his neck out, never gets anywhere.” It’s not how smart you are, rather it’s whether you have any risk tolerance. Real Estate is not for the “faint hearted.”


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